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DeMeco Ryans Is Easily The Best Coaching Hire This Offseason Thanks To His Ability To Pry Kliff Kingsbury Away From Thailand

You may recall that Kliff Kingsbury claimed he was buying a one-way ticket to Thailand and telling teams no thanks: 

That wasn't even a month ago! Kliff couldn't stand being in Thailand and off the grid that much that he decided to come to Houston and interview for a dysfunctional franchise. Say what you want about the Texans and lack of a quarterback currently, but DeMeco Ryans is clearly the best coaching hire this offseason. I don't care who else gets hired. Why?

It's not like he was alone. His reported girlfriend was there with him.  

I guess taking pictures can get old after a while. Nothing worse than getting interrupted from relaxing just to get a phone handed to you and having to take 20-30 pictures. No thank you. I know Kliff was a disaster of a head coach but I think he'll be just fine as an offensive coordinator. 

I don't even necessarily blame Kliff. Being in America, even Houston, sounds way more enjoyable long term than Thailand. Plus we have the NCAA Tournament coming up. Maybe Kliff wanted to be in a normal time zone to enjoy chaos. Maybe he just misses calling games? Or even crazier maybe he realized he can coach someone besides Kyler? All valid reasons. But for now it's DeMeco Ryans prying him from Thailand. Impressive.