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Danny Amendola Knocked Out Dwight Howard On A Reality Show, Yes You Read That Right

I see the commercial for this show so many times on TV and the randomest celebrities are on it. Mike Piazza, Danny Amendola, Dwight Howard forming a motley crew of a cast. Why anybody would sign up to join and train like you are going to be in the special forces is insane to me. Listen I know that the training to be in any military is hard as shit, I just don't want to be doing that at all because I may die. When I saw this my jaw dropped because of the height difference and the names alone. 

 This video is shocking because Dwight has no idea how to throw a punch and Danny Knocked him the fuck out. I think he just has to retire from the internet because when a little guy knocks somebody out it's the funniest thing to watch. Shout out to Danny for having the balls to step in the ring with someone that much bigger than him and coming out on top.