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One Of Us: Brian Daboll's Diet Starts Monday ... But Not Until He Eats An Entire Tray Of Nachos And Drinks A Six Pack

This right here is why he's our coach of the year. Well, this and the fact he took a franchise that was as hopeless and desperate as we've ever been and turned it into a playoff team. That and made Daniel Jones look like a competent quarterback despite having roughly 0 wide receivers. Take your pick really.

But this is Brian Daboll putting the fear of God into the rest of the NFL. Diet starts Monday for a man who already oozes sex appeal and is chiseled as any man in the world. Some may say I'm scared of him turning into Ben McAdoo when that goofy fat guy who couldn't wear a suit decided to ditch his bowl cut for a villain look.

Dennis Van Tine. Shutterstock Images.
Abbie Parr. Getty Images.

To which I say, fuck that. He's Brian Daboll. He's a bald man who knows how to coach. He's not Ben McAdoo. He's a health nut who just wants to drink a six pack and eat a tray of nachos before dieting a little bit. Seems normal to me. Everyone knows the diet starts after football season ends and then goes on pause during March Madness. Also no shot it's only a six pack. This man puts down more than a six pack, especially if he has to watch the Eagles. 

Love the move of going nachos. Hopefully he has a hookup because there's no worse food to get delivered. I'll keep trying. Keep hoping that this is the time the nachos get delivered just fine. They are alway soggy and a mess. What am I going to make my own nachos? I need that specific type of queso on there. 

So rest up Dabs. Diet starts Monday. New season starts Monday. Can't be a one-time playoff coach.