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BOOM: Oklahoma and Texas Reach An Agreement With The Big 12 To Leave Early And Will Play In The SEC In 2024

Just last week, it seemed that talks between Texas, Oklahoma, the Big 12 and its TV partners had stalled and any hope of the schools leaving for the SEC early were all but dead. And now just a few days later, the parties have reached an agreement which will see the schools begin SEC play in 2024.

This makes sense for everyone involved. The Big 12 gets $100 million from two schools that were leaving a year later anyway and Texas and OU get into the best conference in intercollegiate athletics that much sooner. A good trade deadline deal for all parties.

We won't know the 2024 football schedule until the fall, but I can't wait for the SEC to release its new scheduling model. It's very likely going to be three permanent opponents with the other 12 rotating on an every-other-year basis. A few rivalries will probably have to go by the wayside — at least annually — to make this happen, but schools will actually play everyone else in their own conference regularly instead of Tennessee and Ole Miss or Alabama and Florida playing each other once every six years.

So we just have one more football season with the Southeastern Conference as we currently know it and then it's going to look a whole lot different. It should be fun.