Normal Year - UNC Guard Caleb Love Clears The Air And Is 'Laughing At The BS' Amid Rumors Of Cuckolding His Teammate RJ Davis

Now this really started to make waves thanks to the Duke cheer sheet from Saturday, when they put this out there: 

And enhance: 

Oh okay. Cheated on his girlfriend 14 times in a month? Who cares? Welcome to college. How do you know the exact number and also how does RJ Davis have time for 14 times in a month? But then there's the next line. Got cuckolded by Caleb Love and refuses to sit next to him in class (true story). Some would say he's (PISSED). 

It would make some sense and hardly the first teammate cuckold situation in major college hoops. When I was in school there was a rumor that UK's guards (circa 2005-06, you can figure out who that is) had the same thing. Disaster of a season. Same can be said for UNC right now. 

These UNC guards were awesome in March. That's one of the three main reasons they made the title game. That, Bacot being a monster inside and Brady Manek. Now this year they took away Brady Manek, the guards are cuckolding each other (allegedly) and Bacot is fine. Hence why they are a bubble team. 

But back to the college relationship. It's college. Stop pretending like you're desperately in love with people. In fact you should hardly ever date someone in college. Not even being a hardo, far from it. You get 4 years to live somewhat recklessly and if you're a regular student you only have a commitment to a few hours of school and maybe some bullshit work. Go get drunk, go party, don't be in a relationship for four years. That's what life is for after you graduate. Enjoy the fantasyland that is college. 

Either way. Mark down last night's tweet for UNC's season. If it turns around it's because of this and they moved on from the possible cuckold rumors. If not, then let the rumors fly.