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The Spider-Verse Web Expands Again: A LIVE-ACTION Spider-Man Noir TV Series Is Coming From Amazon And Sony

Albert L. Ortega. Getty Images.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

"Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television are developing a Spider-Man Noir live-action series that will be written by Oren Uziel, a big-screen writer who worked on the Sandra Bullock-Channing Tatum action comedy The Lost City and 2021’s Mortal Kombat.

"Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the producers of Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated movies which first brought the Spider-Man Noir character onto screens, helped develop the series with Uziel and will executive produce the series via their Lord Miller banner. Amy Pascal, who has a hand in all of Sony’s Spider-Man adaptations, is also executive producing, as will Uziel."

This sounds like it could be the literal coolest live-action superhero TV show of the streaming era.

Here's a quick synposis from Variety:

"The untitled series will follow an older, grizzled superhero in 1930s New York City. An individual with knowledge of the project says that the show will be set in its own universe and the main character will not be Peter Parker."

Spider-Man Noir is usually associated with Peter Parker, but not in this case. Very intriguing. As is the setting and time period: seemingly right in the throes of the Great Depression, a time when people could really use a hero.

My guess is Nicolas Cage won't be reprising his role from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse but OH MY GOODNESS would I absolutely looooooove to see it. Maybe that's why he's not reprising the role in Across the Spider-Verse…? Probably not but a man can dream.

You just listen to the thought and level of detail he puts into understanding the backstory and time in which his character exists. Then going full "NIC CAGE" and giving it that energy makes it something extraordinary. But he has that sort of Adam West Batman delivery that's so perfect for a hardboiled noir character when it's a twinge more austere.

Whether it's Cage or no Cage, I'll be interested to see if they maintain the tone established in that movie. My guess is since it's live action and presumably stylized in black and white, they might go for, as Cage says, a classic Old Hollywood type of vibe. Like those Humphrey Bogart movies. The Maltese Falcon comes to mind as a potential inspirational touchstone. Perhaps with the social climate of this new Spider-Man Noir show, they focus on institutional failure and the resulting conflict and corruption that springs from that, a la Chinatown.

Giphy Images.

Based on the creative talent attached, my suspicion is it'll be a clever story but won't be afraid to lean heavy into the humor. You can tell with Lord and Miller attached as EPs. Then of course, the projects Oren Uziel has on his resume. Uziel also co-wrote 22 Jump Street, which is straight-up one of my favorite comedies of all-time. Seems like the Spider-Verse movie characterization of Spider-Man Noir should stay pretty consistent amid this medium crossover.

Won't be the least bit surprised if it's more of a Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid parody vibe at times.

Regardless of which direction they go, this series has a chance to stand on its own as a genuinely singular creative endeavor in a crowded, frankly oversaturated market of superhero streaming content. An older, grizzled hero — but presumably with the Spidey sense and superpowers this far back in history? Sign me up, please.

Not that I don't like the Marvel shows on Disney+….but they're all playing in the same sort of sandbox with only slight variant (hehe) origins stories, and it's all setting up the larger, interconnected cinematic narrative. Spider-Man Noir is set in its own universe, and doesn't seem concerned with linking up to Marvel/Sony movies as part of the grander multiverse. You might get into some hairy battles over the rights to the character(s) after a while but who knows. Cross that bridge when you get to it. For now, let's just appreciate that this appears to be happening. I can't wait.

PS check out the latest episode of My Mom's Basement! I made my first podcast guest appearance of any kind as Robbie and Clem had me on to discuss all the Ant-Man movies. The whole trilogy. It was great fun and I think you'll dig that if you dig this blog.

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