DISGUSTING: Employees Spit In Face Of Boss And Leave Him To Survive On His Own

As everyone knows, the Barstool Sports team is currently in Arizona for the Big Game. No, I am not there. Apparently there was no need for a D1 backup QB/Starting Holder/Veteran podcaster/golfer/locker room guy at the Barstool house this week. Or maybe they already have one out there. I'm not sure but that isn't for me to decide because I don't call the shots around here. I go where I'm told and get in the game when I get the nod. But I digress...

A massive squad got the invite to a nice dinner with Dave last night - upwards of 20 people. I know we definitely have more than 20 people out there right now so receiving the invite is certainly special. Now, when going out to dinner with the boss there are certain unwritten rules that come into play. 

  • Laugh at his jokes even if you didn't fully hear it
  • Ensure you dress well and look presentable 
  • Let the boss order the wine unless he delegates to someone else 
  • Don't be the drunk guy
  • Watch him for cues - if he wants to skip starters, you skip starters. If he wants to bolt without dessert, don't order a sundae.
  • SIT POLITELY IN YOUR SEAT UNTIL HE IS READY TO LEAVE - Everyone knows Dave is extremely generous and is likely to pick up the tab. Not to mention it's a work trip so you don't need to reach for your wallet. The least you can do is be polite until the host calls it a night. If he wants to sit there and suck down 5 espressos until 2am, you sit up straight and humor him.

Let's break down this offense by each guy:

Will - this was the biggest shock to me. In case you haven't caught Bussin With The Boys, Will is a 9.25 year veteran of the NFL. He's been around (I assume) wealthy guys who have treated teammates to nice dinners before. This isn't uncharted territory for him. He should've known better and by his own admission, he took ownership and apologized. I don't think he was confused, I think he was just tired and wanted to leave. Also, ordering something with "MP" is a dicey move. He saved himself by sharing, but the MP move is usually reserved by the head man to do. 

Caleb - I'll be honest, Caleb is a wild card. There's a good chance Caleb had an invite to some super exclusive underground party he was late for and he had to scoot. If he just told Dave and politely excused himself, I'm sure everyone would've understood. 

Hank - now that Hank is a suit he handles the entire operation so I'm sure he's tired this week. He does a ton of work that no one sees and no one fully appreciates. However, he is still new to the suit life and some old habits die hard. 

Hank gets a pass and although he had to learn a tough lesson, I doubt he will make this mistake again. 

Brandon - This. This is the one that disgusts me. A nice dinner for this hick from Mississippi is 2am at Waffle House so he is the biggest fish out of water. If Dave hadn't rescued Brandon from obscurity, he would never sniff the Big Game. To have the gall to insult him like this is bold the likes of which I've never seen. The most ridiculous move was by far leaving the $20 on the table. That is more insulting than just leaving. People don't leave cash on the table for the bussers you jamoke. Not to mention, do you really think $20 is sufficient for your share of the tip if that's what you're claiming you were doing? That is something White Sox Dave would do to make it seem like he belongs even though he's never gotten above dumpster diving outside Ditka's. Brandon is a nice guy but he is the least likely to get the invite back to a nice dinner ever again. 

Overall, I hope everyone reading this can take this as a lesson. We live in a society. There are rules. If you're unsure if you can leave, just don't. Certainly don't follow Brandon anywhere. They all probably thought with such a big group no one would notice their absence, especially at the tail end of the night. But do you really want to find out?

P.S. Dave, I am available for the Big Game next year and yes I am adept with a wine list.