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Fair: Shannon Sharpe Thinks Scotty Pippen Jr. Should Demand A Trade From The Lakers Because Malik Beasley Might Have Fucked His Mom

Just a reminder:

Now I know Shannon Sharpe is likely joking around here. But I'm not. It would be the most understandable demand of all time. Even if Scotty Pippen Jr. is on a two-way contract and spends most of the time in the G League. Can't be in the same locker room as a guy who may or may not have fucked your mom. Can't be in the same locker room as a guy who has led to jokes during your Vanderbilt career. Then again, maybe LeBron could help him out. History repeats itself or something like that. 

Scotty Pippen Jr. has two ways to react here. 1. Punch Malik Beasley in the face. 2. Demand a trade. Either would be understandable! I know it's not his fault, but Larsa Pippen is still his mom. It's not his fault these reports came out: 

Or this one

Or his fault that Future referenced stuff in songs. My man is just trying to make the NBA and be a basketball player. Never thought I'd feel bad for a Vandy/Lakers player, but here we are. In a world where trade demands are mostly dumb and made fun of, this is one that everyone can agree on. Or not, because the Lakers are a hysterical disaster. Either one really. Wonder what Michael Jordan's son thinks of this all?