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Tommy #1 & Tommy #2 Reveal If They'll Ever Make Only Fans Content Together

WELL! This is quite the unique episode of Only Stans we have for you today. A few months ago it was revealed via TikTok that there's a Tommy Smokes doppelganger which was wild. They look VERY similiar. Then before you know it the plot thickened even further...She's an ONLY FANS MODEL! That's where this guy comes in. So once she headed over to the Barstool Office we had to get her and her twin, Tommy Smokes, on the show to talk about all things Smokes. We discussed the day she was outted as his twin, her husband filming everything for her and being in her content, and the obvious question about how much money it would take for her and Tommy to make content together. It's a fun (and weird) one. Enjoy!