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Congrats To The Dolphins - Hired Former Broncos OL Coach Who Was Reportedly Laughed At And Players Celebrated When He Was Fired

I can't stop laughing at these tweets. This is the guy the Dolphins hired? This is the guy who is going to help lead a group to protect Tua? Might as well put that trade request in now, Tua. For your own health and career, you might want to request that trade right this second. You hired an OL coach who was openly mocked and laughed at?

I can't think of anything meaner than the round of applause for when he got fired. Not for a job well done, but because the Broncos knew how much of a shitshow this guy was. I know there were some injuries, but that offensive line sucked last year. The same offensive line that claimed Russ wouldn't get sacked. That worked out well. 

I know this is crazy to think, but if you have a QB suffering from major concussions, you should probably make sure the O-Line is as good as it gets. That starts with a coach. Can't have a guy who apparently would do things like put notes in the lockers. What is this? Junior high in the late 90s? A check yes or no box to see if the players were happy or something. This is a dude who got fired the moment Nathaniel Hackett got fired. That guy sure was a genius. 

Can't wait for Frank to find this out. I'm sure his response will be very reasonable and not at all over the top. Good times for the Dolphins all around.