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'I'm Just Glad He Got Out Of There' - Kyrie, Showing Why He's The Biggest Asshole In The NBA While Talking About Kevin Durant

Jesus dude. Can this guy be any more unlikable? Can he be a bigger asshole? The Nets sent you to a decent situation, even if they didn't want to trade you to the Lakers. They should have. The Lakers are a shitshow. Kyrie should have to sit in LA, listen to LeBron again and watch the team miss the playoffs. Now this is how he breaks down the KD trade?

'I'm just glad he got out of there.' 

I'm glad the Nets are a disaster of a franchise, but fuck off dude. The Nets brought these two in, let them do as they please, tried to hire everyone they wanted and now it's all fallen apart. At least they got Ben Simmons still. That'll be awesome for the play-in Tournament. He'll put up a solid 0 points, 2 rebounds, 3 fouls and 1 turnover. If he plays. 

Anyways, everything about Kyrie is just the fucking worst and this 56 second clip shows it again. Oh you're excited to play him more? You're excited to see him more? I don't know. Maybe you could have just played with him. Just a hunch of what teammates could do together. You're happy he's out of the place the two of you decided to go to? Great call, dickhead. 

This guy fucking sucks. All I know is a Nuggets-Kings Western Conference Final is for sure the funniest outcome of the NBA playoffs now.