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"I Hope Both Teams Lose": Christian McCaffrey And The 49ers Continue To Devolve Into The Most Ass Hurt Franchise In Sports

Guys who are actually playing in the Super Bowl had their media availability on Monday night. Christian McCaffrey, not playing for Super Bowl LVII, has some extra free time throughout this week so he's been helping to fill the air leading up to Sunday night. So he's been going on his media tour throughout the week and did this hit on NFL Network, as well as made an appearance on Kay Adams' podcast. 

Now I really don't have an issue with the "I hope both teams lose" quote from MCM here. It's a moronic thing to say considering it's quite literally an impossible outcome to root for. But it's a pretty standard thing to say by these guys who have to watch other players live out their dreams in the Super Bowl. But then we get to Christian McCaffrey bitching about the quarterback situation for San Francisco during the NFC Championship game. And that brings us to what he was saying on Kay Adams' show. 

He went on to say "You don't want to make excuses, obviously, but it sucks because we wish we had a healthy quarterback for a full game and just see how the game would have panned out. It feels like something got stolen from you...hopefully they change that rule where you can carry a 3rd quarterback"

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First of all, old hockey trick there by saying "you don't want to make excuses" and then immediately go on to make a shit ton of excuses. 

Second of all, here's what is driving me nuts about these 9ers players going out and bitching about the fact that they didn't have a healthy quarterback for the full NFC Championship game. It's not like their quarterback got sick the night before the game and couldn't play. That would be bad luck. It's not like Brock Purdy suffered some freak non-contact injury that forced him out of the game. That would be bad luck. The 49ers didn't have a healthy quarterback for the full NFCCG because the 49ers couldn't protect their quarterbacks and the Eagles defense literally broke them. 

That's not bad luck. That's not just getting caught with the injury bug. That is horrible coaching and execution. That is setting your players and your team up for failure by not keying in on one of the most dangerous men on the field wearing green. It's not like Brock Purdy cut the wrong way and his cleat got caught up in the turf and shred his knee apart. He just got rocked by Haason Reddick because the 49ers don't know how to protect their quarterbacks. 

Also, I'm pretty sure teams are allowed to dress a 3rd quarterback anyway if they wanted to. I'm not sure what rule he's talking about there but for argument's sake here, let's just take a wild guess as to what would have happened if they had a 3rd QB dressed for the NFCCG. Any takers?

Exactly. The 3rd quarterback would have gotten rocked as well. 

It's just hilarious to see how horrifically down bad the 49ers still are between these quotes from McCaffrey and the Brandon Aiyuk thing. This was a once proud and esteemed franchise. Winners of 5 Super Bowls. And now here they are, a full week and a half removed from the NFC Championship Game, still crying into their Cheerios about the Eagles kicking their shit in. They didn't get robbed. The Eagles didn't get lucky. They just completely dismantled San Francisco to the point where they had to tap out halfway through the game. Back in my day you used to just shut up and move along after getting your ass kicked. But I guess we live in a different time now. 

Go Birds.