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So admittedly, I totally shot from the hip with this tweet to report it first, but now I have actual evidence to back up the claim. According to public records, Chiefsaholic posted a bond and will be loose for the Super Bowl.

A lot of chiefs fans are really not even excited he's loose because the Chiefs have been on a winning streak since he has been behind bars. He apparently is not allowed to leave the state of Oklahoma but some are speculating he may hightail it to Mexico via Glendale, Arizona, as he watches his Chiefs hopefully cash out his 6 figure MVP and Superbowl futures bets. That would give him just enough cashola to live a comfortable life in Mexico with his Bankrobbing loot. Getting rid of the ankle monitor is going to be tough, but as many Wildlife groups know, you can't tag a wolf!

Will Chiefsaholic make it to the Superbowl? We don't know, but it would be absolute comedy if he showed up. If you have not caught the saga than here is a great summary of exactly why Chiefsaholic is in prison. 

 I also went on the ground in Kansas City to investigate all these superfans. 

We will see how these KC superfans show out against the Philly Fans.

You see, the Philly fans are a horde of zombies that move in groups garbling in Delco, pissing, while throwing beer cans, bottles, or batteries. KC fans are like a group of superheroes who do all the work, while the rest are nice midwesterners. The clashing will be a sight to see at the Super Bowl. But wait… A new KC superfan emerges…

It could get dicey…