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Blake Griffin Stuffed Doc Rivers Into An Extremely Overrated Locker After Going 5-8 From 3

One of the best rules in society is that as long as you say "no disrespect", you are allowed to be as violently disrespectful as you want. The moment Blake Griffin said "no disrespect" at the end, he was in the clear and there ain't shit that anybody can do about it. And especially not Glenn Rivers because he wouldn't be able to adjust fast enough to do anything about it. 

If there's anybody out there who knows a thing or two about how wildly infuriating it must be to play for Glenn Rivers when your team is getting their dicks kicked in and not making a single change to the game plan to compensate for it, it would be a guy like Blake Griffin who spent years playing for Glenn in LA. I'm sure he knew the moment he dropped that first wide open 3 that it was going to be there the rest of the night because Glenn wouldn't do anything about it. 


Don't get me wrong, James Harden is a useless out there and deserves plenty of blame as well. But you'd figure any coach at any level would be able to recognize that and make the proper adjustment. Glenn Rivers simply refuses to do any sort of game managing. The guys who have played for him know it. The rest of the league knows it. The fanbase knows it. Yet for some reason, Sixers ownership just can't seem to grasp the idea that they are wasting what precious little time we have left of prime Embiid on a guy who got carried to a couple of NBA Finals in Boston and then hasn't been able to do anything since then. 

The good news is that it's not like the East is opening up or anything for the Sixers to take advantage of and go on a little run here. No no no not at all. They'll just continue to sit back and get demoralized by the Celtics instead. They couldn't possibly do it without Glenn.