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You Come At Phil Ivey, You Best Not Miss


I love a good Phil Ivey story, and every pro has one. And on that same line, every story ends the same way, with Phil Ivey on top. Doesn't matter when it was, what game they played, live or online, the best in the world have tried to topple Ivey, and Ivey has remained the king. Even Daniel Negreanu, who himself is a top 5 player of all time, still says Ivey is the top guy.



There's really nobody quite like him.




And of course this infamous hand:




Ivey is the GOAT, man. Definitely my number 1 white whale to nab for the podcast. 

While we haven't had him yet, our newest episode with Ari Engel was great. Ari has nearly $8 million in live earnings, 2 WSOP bracelets, and hasn't had a place to call home since 2012. He just travels the world crushing poker tournaments, it's a very cool story.




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