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Good Juju Alert: Jalen Brunson Lost His Mind At His Villanova Jersey Retirement Ceremony When He Found Out The Knicks Traded For Josh Hart

Hell yes. Honestly, the Josh Hart trade to the Knicks is good. It's a practical move that doesn't hamper the team or anything like that. But now? Now it's great. Our (should be) All-Star point guard finding out one of his best friends and college teammates was traded to play with him? How do you not feel like this deserves one single playoff series win now? 

Brunson's reaction is just slightly different than Dame finding out:

This going down on Jalen Brunson's Villanova jersey retirement night? That's the good juju we need as Knicks fans. I mean, Jalen Brunson is good enough. But now we get a happier Jalen Brunson? You can't tell me it's a bad thing the Knicks have 2 of the 5* starters from the 2016 Nova title team. That's gotta count for something. Just gotta get Arch on the bench somehow and keep it rolling. Pretty rude to throw this detail in later, Woj.

We're desperate for a tiny bit of success. 

Trade was worth it for this simple reaction and keeping Jalen Brunson happy.