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Love This Stupid Sport: Maine/Vermont Basketball Is Currently Delayed Because The Court Needs To Be Reassembled ... Seriously.

Only this stupid sport man. This is a real Division I game with one of the best mid-major programs in the country. Not Maine. They stink out loud. Always will stink. Vermont though is always legit. Doesn't matter who is coaching there from Tom Brennan to Mike Lonergan to John Becker. They just produce and make the NCAA Tournament. They are always like a 13-seed that everyone wants to pick. 

But this? This is how you use some homecourt advantage if you're Maine. Gotta delay the game because we need to reassemble the entire thing. Let me tell you something. As a dad who has spent way too much time putting shit together only to get destroyed? Reassembling something is the worst. The single worst thing and sound is my oldest kid coming to me with a toy that needs to be put back together. Nightmare for parents everywhere there.

Difference is I'm running a small operation here in the house. We're talking to the point where I'm like you know what, we'll buy a new toy soon instead. Maine doesn't have that luxury. I say play it as it lies. Oh the baseline is a little crooked? Deal with it. It's like when the Astros had a hill in the outfield. Make every place a little unique. Maine should be the place that has lines that don't match up. A corner three from the left should be 4 inches (that's a lot) closer than the right side. 

Love this stupid sport so much. Only can a Division I college basketball game have a delay for this.