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The Saints Need To Make Sure Derek Carr Is Their Next Quarterback, Even If It Means Trading For Him

Derek Carr visited NOLA yesterday and is contemplating becoming the new QB1 of the Saints. Reportedly, the Raiders are asking for a 3rd round pick in a trade. Should the Saints pull the trigger on a trade or let Carr test free agency first?

The answer is simple. The Saints HAVE to push the issue by making a trade since there are no better alternatives on the QB free agent market. There’s no shot Lamar Jackson or Daniel Jones are available. Behind them it is Jimmy G, Baker Mayfield or the return of Andy Dalton. Why even risk letting Carr test the market if he is the guy? It is so hard to find the right QB in NFL. A 3rd round pick is worth that risk.

If the Saints let Carr hit free agency, they could easily get outbid with their salary cap issues. With Carr, the Saints should be the favorite to open the 2023 season in the woeful NFC South full of unproved QBs.

There’s no time like the present. Make the deal. Derek's brother Darren knows what I'm talking about!