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I May Have Been Completely Redeemed On My Cactus Take

I was clowned incessantly yesterday for my take that there was a cactus on top of this mountain. Everyone laughed at me, a man needing corrective lenses to see at normal levels for a normal human, mistakenly thought a 5G cell tower off in the distance was a cactus. It was coming off of a conversation starter that most cacti can't grow past 4,000 feet elevation.

But it was discovered that it is very possible I was indeed correct. Via an article from years ago from the Arizona Republic (ever heard of it?).

While we can't prove what it is from where our house is, it's quite possible I am correct that it is a fake cactus hiding a massive tower. Unrelated but maybe related, Shaquille O'Neal's nickname when he was with the Suns was "The Big Cactus". 

What do you think it is? Weigh in on the comments and be sure to check out today's full Yak.