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Artificial Intelligence Is Having A Brutal Week as A.I. Seinfeld Went Alt-Right, and Google's New Chatbot Is So Dumb It Caused Their Stock to Plummet

After receiving nothing but praise for what seems like a year now (and by praise I mean being dubbed so advanced that it will one day take all of our jobs then become sentient and kill us all), AI has finally begun to take some L's. 

Last week, a 24/7 AI Seinfeld stream that creates original Seinfeld episodes on an endless loop went viral for being so incredibly bad that it was actually amazing (I'm counting that as a win).

However this week, things went south for AI Seinfeld. Apparently Robot Jerry didn't take kindly to the people who claimed he, "wasn't even telling jokes", and decided he would push the envelope. Everyone knows Seinfeld is traditionally a clean comic, but AI Seinfeld decided he would try his hand at working blue.

Even AI isn't immune to cancel culture. Stupid fucking robot. You gotta know better than to think out loud like that. Following AI Jerry's unfortunate bit, he was suspended from Twitch, and the creators were forced to pull the stream.

Washington Post - “We are super embarrassed, and … the generative content created in no way reflects the values or opinions of our staff,” Skyler Hartle, one of the co-creators of “Nothing, Forever,” wrote in an email to The Washington Post. “We very much regret this happened and hope to be back on the air soon, with all the appropriate safeguards in place.” 

But that was just the start of a bad week for AI. Google rolled out its own version of ChatGPT. Google's chatbot is named Bard. As it turns out, Bard is a big fat idiot who doesn't know shit about nothing. A user asked Bard the simple question “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9 year old about?” (roughly a 3rd grade level question). You won't believe the answer this moron gave. Bard said that the James Webb Space Telescope was used to take the very first pictures of a planet outside the Earth’s solar system.

Giphy Images.

The very first pictures, huh? Umm.. ok Bard. So I guess the European Southern Observatory just doesn't exist then.. I suppose this picture of an exoplanet orbiting a brown dwarf from 2004 is just a drawing? Something from a movie? Is the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) just spewing nonsense? Which one is it Bard? I'm no scientist, but this sure looks like an exoplanet to me.

Giphy Images.

Googles shareholders rightfully panicked. If Google's new genius AI bot can't get a simple science history question right, then what will it get right? Probably nothing. Shares of Google's parent company Alphabet tanked 7.4% following the humiliating exoplanet debacle. 

Between AI Seinfeld going alt-right, and Bard being a giant fucking moron of a chatbot, it's been an embarrassing week for Artificial Intelligence. These are the robots who are supposed to take over the world? These are the guys who will produce Dumping Them Out every Sunday? They can't even stay online for a month without getting themselves cancelled. I don't think we have anything to worry about… for now.