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Cowboy Joe West Is Allegedly Enjoying Retirement By Editing His Wikipedia Page To Remove Unflattering Things About Him

What, you thought Joe West was going to stop being Joe West because he is no longer wearing the true tools of ignorance during baseball season? If you thought that, GET THE FUCK OFF THIS BLOG!

Most people get to retirement and find new hobbies as a way to pass the time. Maybe they take up gardening or travel the world. Well Cowboy Joe West discovered the internet and is about to find out that he can get into a fight with a bunch of people every single night, which should quench his thirst for confrontation now that he's no longer in The Show. 

However, I ask the Cowboy to be careful in the wild west known as the internet. Because he doesn't have any real power here like he does on a baseball field. You can ring up a manager or player if they dare call you a four-letter word or challenge your authority (You knowwwww Joe West uses the phrase "Challenge my authority" all the time like cop Cartman). But the internet is a completely different place where you will get called the most vile things you ever heard by some anonymous 10-year-old. The more you fight it, the more people will talk shit to you and there won't be any wristbands to protest the faceless meanies in the comments.

In fact, the most dangerous place on the World Wide Web right now is Joe West's Wikipedia, which I imagine will be flooded with more stories about Joe West being a dick than you'd hear in a Major League locker room the night before he umped a game. I'd tell Joe to ignore the online masses because it's like the fighting the tides. But something tells me Joe CrewChief22 will be vigilantly protecting the integrity of his Wikipedia page that he probably didn't know existed until this week.