Fun Fact! Wizards In The Harry Potter Universe Used To Crap Their Pants

Hogwarts: Legacy is all the rage right now in the video game world but all it does is remind me of my favorite bit of Harry Potter canon. The indisputable fact that witches and wizards used to shit themselves. 

Yup, that's right. Before the wizarding world adopting indoor plumbing, they would Jersey Jerry themselves and just use magic to get rid of it. There are two big questions I still have from this fact. 

1. What exactly does J.K. Rowling mean by saying they would relieve themselves where they stood? Would people just pee/poop while walking, working, eating etc. The moment the urge struck, that is. I imagine a scenario where a professor is teaching students at Hogwarts and has to say "Hold on one sec guys" while he poops himself, sighs, then whips out his wand to clean up the mess. 

2. Where did the poop/pee go? They just say "vanished", not destroyed. My theory is that for the last few thousand years, the wizards of England have been incidentally teleporting their shit directly into to muggle water supply. And that centuries upon centuries of pollution is what created what we know today: An island full of red-faced mutants that eat like raccoons