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Sound The Panic Alarm: As Their Struggles Continue Armando Bacot Told His UNC Teammates To Just Go Home If They Don't Want To Be There Anymore

 Armando Bacot had a lot to say after their loss to Wake Forest. I will put my hate and trolling away for a couple of sentences. Going from the Final 4 to the outside looking in at the tournament is brutal when you have basically everyone back from last year. This is why these college basketball reporters are all suckers. They love to just assume teams are going to be good again when they return everyone from the year before. In reality they were a 9 seed who got hot at the right time and over achieved last year. It looks like everyone read the press clippings way too early. 

It's a real shame though, going from the National championship (that they did not win remind you) to then probably playing in the NIT. It's sad to see a school like UNC go so downhill like this. Gotta imagine zero recruits are going to want to go there after hearing how much of a mess that locker room is right now. People don't want to give me credit, but I did say they would be the fastest team ever to go from #1 in the country to unranked. I have never been more right about anything in my life. 

This also shows you how superior Duke is to UNC because with what happened to Duke last year a lot of universities would crumble. Not the Blue Devils. They might have murdered UNC once and for all Hopefully they get out of the first weekend in the NIT because the next 4 of 5 games are brutal for them.