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A+ Distraction: Russian Rally Car Driver Missed A Turn Because He Saw A Woman Flashing Her Bra, Team Finished 3rd Because Of It

[Source] - Viktor Osmanov was driving for Tula in the Petrovskaya Versta competition when the incident occurred. 

The lost seconds saw Tula finished third, instead of second, taken by Yaroslavl, or even first, where Moscow finished.

Lada Samara-driving Osmanov confessed: "This one was unexpected.

"I saw her and I failed to turn my corner.

Hell yes. I'm all for BASEketball coming to real life sports. Sure, this is Russian rally car driving. But it counts. My man Viktor needs to reevaluate though. You can't miss a turn just because of a bra. That's some 1990s style when you were looking through some scrambled TV to see a nipple. If she was totally topless, I'd understand. But this is classic distraction. Woman lifts her shirt up, driver hits the snow wall. Fair play.

However, this appears to be a true BASEketball league: 

The motorsport driver also admitted that fans flashing at rallies is common.

Osmanov continued: "Such tricks are often made by fans.

"I've seen naked men and girls waving their bras."

Guys apparently getting naked to distract other people. That's something that Squeaks would do no doubt. That's how you win the Denslow Cup. Gotta support the racing team no matter what. If that means flapping your dick around like a helicopter in the cold so be it. If that means showing your bra so a driver misses a turn so be it.

I need quotes from his teammates though. Were they pissed? Did they understand? I mean you finish 3rd after losing valuable seconds because old Viktor was catching a blue bra. The laughter in the background of the video really nails it home too. I mean the guy wasn't even closing to hitting that turn.