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Colt McCoy Rode Into Dallas And Absolutely Manhandled The Cowboys

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Look, I’m not here to toot my own horn. Never been one to do that (though if I could, I would). It was an absolute beatdown in Jerry World of the Cowboys last night. Brutal massacre unsuitable for women and children. The Colt Train showed no mercy. Ran bitches over the only way he knows how. 25-30, 299 yards vs the 6-1 Cowboys, in Dallas. They had no idea how to stop him. Colt scrambled when you thought he was going to throw, threw when you thought he was going to scramble. He was unstoppable.


He scores..



And then his celebration game is on point.



And then after the game, no time for interviews. Franchise QBs have bigger fish to fry than some ESPN Deportes guy. No means no!



All in all, a great game to watch. You couldn’t help but to be happy for Colt. As the game went on, you could see him growing more comfortable. When he forced that ball into double coverage for the INT, it was a big moment where he could have Kirk’d and lost all confidence, but he didn’t. He learned from it and got better. Just an incredible performance from the third string QB. Colt McCoy, MNF starting QB, went into Dallas and taught them all a lesson. Yes, the Redskins are 3-5 with a whole lot of question marks, but this blog isn’t about the team. This is about the man, the myth, the legend Coltrain McCoy. CHOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOO.