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The Full Story Behind Darren Rovell Tracking Down JJ Watt At The Future Hall Of Famer’s Final NFL Game

On today's Pardon My Take... JJ WATT! The future Hall of Famer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter at the #NAVHouse in Arizona to discuss his recent retirement, his football career, "uhhhh, hey JJ," and much more. 

Another topic that the guys discussed was a viral video during pregame warmups from JJ Watt's final NFL game last month in San Francisco. Darren Rovell, a friend of Watt's, tracked him down to say hello as he was heading back to the locker room...

With no context, it appears that Rovell was hopping in front of a group of kids with special needs to spend some time with one of the greatest defensive players of all-time. But on today's show, Watt clarifies the details of this exchange...

TLDW: Those kids were standing there for at least an hour and JJ had a handful of interactions with them (3-4) before this video. Rovell flew in and surprised Watt at the game, which you can see above. The Sports Business Reporter did hand Watt a thoughtful gift for his retirement after the game: a binder for his son that included every single trading card of JJ Watt from his time at Wisconsin throughout his NFL career. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter tipped their hat to Rovell and admitted that it was a nice gift.

So, there is the full context of what happened during that pregame exchange between Watt and Rovell. Darren will probably get excited that this blog is being written, because nobody likes to be in the headlines more than DR. But hey, I wouldn't have a job here without his existence, so thank you, Mr. Rovell. See you at a 40-yard dash again sometime soon.