Dr Jill Biden Asks Room Full Of Nerds At The SOTU Why There Is "No Alcohol Here" And They Snitched On Themselves For Being Underage

The State of the Union was last night and I must've tripped and fell and turned my TV off because I didn't tune in. Why bother when I can get all of my second hand information from Twitter, the most truthful and reliable source on the internet? I see now that I didn't miss much. There wasn't even any alcohol for the kids. 

I don't know who this group of children are, certainly high school/college aged kids, and surely not ALL underage. Jill Biden walks into whatever room this is and tries to play "cool mom." Makes it clear that if it were up to her, the room would at least have a little champagne. Maybe a few shots. Let's get loose! It's just the government! And what do these kids do? Snitch on themselves. "Um, Dr Jill, there isn't any alcohol here because some of us are underage." 

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You've got to be better than this. Who tattles on themselves for being a year or two shy on drinking alcohol? Who would even stop someone in the WHITE HOUSE for sipping a single glass of bubbles? Ugh. Looks like we've all got it backwards - the old heads have it right, and the future of our youth is seriously in trouble.

And how about Dr Jill? She presents one award at the Grammys and now she's slanging drinks at the SOTU? It's like she's taken on the mission of making kids think she and her husband are chill AF, with a pretty solid attempt mind you, and then this happens. You never anticipate the room being full of narc losers, but you win some and you lose some.

She had a good time regardless, it seems.