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A Glenny Balls Dream Come True: Pamela Anderson Is Getting Her Own Food Network Show

Oh HELL yes! This is some thrilling stuff to see as a Food Network stan myself. There's quite literally only so much Bobby Flay & Guy Fieri I can tune into so this is a welcome addition to the Food Network roster even though it's on Food Network Canada. I'm gonna stay positive and convince myself that Food Network Canada programming will be able to be tracked down here in the beautiful US of A because I'm definitely interested in checking out a Pamela Anderson cooking show. You know what I love already? Cooking shows. You know what's even better? Cooking shows hosted by people you're already fans of since at the end of the day it's just food. Obviously you guys know what I'm *really* a fan of but I'm a gentleman so I won't say but you're picking up what I'm putting down.

There's a reason Mr. Fieri is so popular and that's because he's so damn electric on camera. This is similar for the icon that is Florence Pugh. A few weeks ago I came across all these cooking videos from Florence Pugh on youtube and have watched every single one like it's my first watch of the Sopranos. It's just way more entertaining when you've known who the person is for years! Would I rather watch Jeff Mauro make an italian beef or Yelena Belova make a marmalade? I'm taking the latter.

So sign me the hell up for a Pam Anderson cooking show...even if it's vegan. Ain't nothing wrong with some tempeh and bacon. know. #LetPamelaCook