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This Thrilling Oklahoma High School Basketball Game Ending 4-2 Is Everything That's Wrong And Pathetic With Sports These Days

What the fuck man? Can we stop with this bullshit across the country? It happens all the time and each time I get more and more pissed. Spare me the 'it's good coaching.' Play basketball. That or please put a shot clock in at every high school level so we can't have game end 4-2. Just standing there passing it back and forth for an entire quarter only to blow a chance to tie it up 4-4 late. Brutal. Deserved, but brutal. 

Shout out this kid though: 

Scoring 1,000 points in a game that ended 4-2. That should be illegal. Yeah, it's an accomplishment. Great. But come on everyone is talking about the 4-2 side of the game. It's like breaking the scoring record in a game your team loses. Awesome for you. Your team lost, you know, in a team sport. 

Here's my problem. These teams don't flat out suck. If this was a game where they were giving it their all but just lacked athleticism, I'd compliment them. I'd laugh at it. Instead I'm irrationally angry because high school coaches are idiots and there's no shot clock. 

Meanwhile we have coaches who lose their jobs because they beat teams by 100? Give me a coach like that over this idiot any day of the week. If my high school coach ever told me just to sit on the ball and not shoot, I'd demand a firing. I'd even dare act like LeBron in that situation.

Have some competitive spirit. Both sides. If you're the better team, press the fuck out of these nerds. Don't sit back and let it get to this point. Go show everyone you're a good basketball team and beat the shit out of a team that's not as good as you. That's the way sports are supposed to work. If you're the team that stinks, at least try to compete. I hate everything about this. 4-2. Gross. Have some competitive spirit and want to beat the other team. This is everything that's wrong in sports. 

That and add a shot clock.