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Terry Bradshaw Unleashed Hell Claiming Sean Payton Didn't Want To Deal With Kyler Murray, Took The Broncos Job 'In Spite' Of Russ

Look at Terry out here just simply not giving a fuck. Throw a couple quotes out there and get back to making commercials. I mean none of it is surprising. We've already heard reports that coaches don't want to work with Kyler Murray: 

You hear that Mike Kafka? I want to make sure you and only you are reading that. Anyways, back to Terry and Sean Payton and everything else. Going from blasting Kyler Murray for not wanting to work with him to Russ? That transition is perfect. Terry just being like ah fuck, Sean just wanted more money I guess. Safe to say you can see where it makes sense that what Bradshaw is saying is true: 

You know Sean Payton thinks that guy is such a wierdo. Get them all out of here. Even funnier to me was the 2nd Terry video. That man was baffled at the amount of money he is making. For sure jealous, but baffled. Have fun Sean! Have fun whoever takes the Cardinals job - not you though Mike Kafka.