This Move Is A Must Once You Get To Your Hotel Room

Marten Bjork. Unsplash Images.

Traveling for work is always fun. As a guy who has worked a desk job and travel was few and far between most of my career, I always enjoyed checking into a hotel and getting a room to myself. I do live in a house with it's own thermostat, but I also have a wife and kids to consider so don't have full autonomy when it comes down to temperature setting.

It is refreshing to have the full, undisputed authority on the temperature and not have to answer to anyone. And when you check in to a hotel, people have had takes all over the place as far as what to do with the thermostat.

I know Big Cat, Eddie, Rico and others have been on the record putting the thermostats to 60 degrees or below which is pure insanity. Kelly Keegs was on the other end of the spectrum somewhat recently.

But as a guy who grew up in a house that was regularly hovering around 63-65 degrees at night, I hate the cold. I grew up sleeping in sweatshirts. I would put textbooks over the air vents to try and block the cold air from coming in.

My wife also likes to sleep cold. Not nearly that cold, but I'm still a long sleeve shirt guy at bed time. If not, I run the risk of catching a cold. So when I get a cozy hotel room to myself, the first thing I do is turn it all off.

It's the perfect setting. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right. If you want to take back the temperature and live natural, follow me and go OFF.