Ja Morant Thinks The Grizzlies Are The Most Hated Team In The NBA And He's Probably Right

David Sherman. Getty Images.

The Memphis Grizzlies are currently going through it a little bit. Despite still being 2nd in the West, they've seen the Nuggets open up a 4.5 game lead after the Grizzlies dropped their 3rd straight and 8th loss in 9 games. Given the fact that they are pretty healthy at the moment, that's a surprising skid for a team that also has a knack for huge winning streaks. They had a 7 gamer in December and then an 11 game winning streak that pretty much covered the month of January. When that was going on, many people considered the Grizzlies legit title contenders (for good reason), but now that things have flipped, it seems like the Grizzlies are getting a little sensitive

Uhhhhhhhhh ya think Ja? 

Listen, you can't have it both ways. Part of what makes the Grizzlies so fun is the fact that they talk A LOT of shit. It might be their favorite thing to do. It doesn't matter if it's to LeBron

or the Warriors

or anyone really. The Grizzlies talk their shit without remorse. What makes them good is usually they then go out and back up that shit talking. That's how it should be in my opinion, we need more teams that talk shit but then also actually go out and back it up. That's what makes the league fun. 

It's also how you convince teams/opposing fanbases to hate you. This is what is so lame about Ja's comments. You're telling me they don't bring it upon themselves with all the shit they talk? Why would it surprise you that a team that has checks notes not won a damn thing so far that runs their mouth as much as the Grizzlies do would start to be hated?

Not only that, last time I checked Dillon Brooks is still on this roster. You know, the guy who just hit someone in the dick

Dillon Brooks might be the most hateable player in the entire NBA given how often he tends to do dirty shit on the floor. Again I ask, how is that surprising to Ja? Is he maybe upset that the internet has been clowning him for that story that broke over the weekend involving his friends?

It wasn't too long ago that Morant and other Grizzlies were complaining that they weren't getting enough attention, especially nationally. Now, Morant is complaining that the national attention is too negative for some reason?

Yeah Ja, this is what happens when your team is good. People start to care and talk about what's going on. When you're on a huge winning streak, you'll be talked about. When you lose 8 of 9, that's a big deal. When your crew pulls some shit like they did against the Pacers players, that's a huge story. You can't ask for the spotlight, get it, and then be upset people are talking about you. 

It sounds more like Ja actually meant he only wanted the national attention when it came to sucking his and the Grizzlies dick. Don't focus on anything other than the super viral dunks and long winning streaks when they happen. Sadly, that's not how the world works. Most of the time, the negative stuff is what gets the play. Just ask any other contending or big market team how that goes. 

Now, when it comes to the most hated NBA team, is he right? I dunno, the Lakers and LeBron still exist. I spend my entire life dealing with people that hate the Celtics and Jayson Tatum/Marcus Smart. I will say the Grizzlies are rising up the charts in record time where they are going from this young and fun upcoming team to one that gets hate, but again they also bring that upon themselves. People don't exactly hate the young Cavs do they the same way they do MEM right? Or how about the young Kings or Pelicans or Thunder? This might be the time for some self reflection as to why the Grizzlies suddenly have beef with so many people/fans/teams/etc