People Are Cooking Steak In The Dishwasher On The Latest Episode Of This Country Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket

Apparently this is a thing now? I was scrolling the other day and I came across this jamoke 

Listen I understand that on the surface this works. It's the white trash version of sous vide and as Chaps mentions in the show today, if this was during the pandemic when we were all losing our minds and looking for something to do then I get it. But now? You have to be a real looney tune to want to cook your steak in a dishwasher. I mean, this man clearly has a cast iron pan which is a perfectly normal way to cook steak. (BTW not lost on me that he is wearing a Nebraska Cornhuskers shirt - I think we've all seen people who go to that school and are a little off. Not naming names)

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This isn't just steak in the dishwasher either. People are posting themselves cooking food in weird ways and it needs to stop. We need to return to normalcy before people start making salad in the shower.

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Sorry I know I tend to get a little angry and opinionated but if we want to start healing as country, we need to stop accepting it when people are weird for no reason. We live in a society. 

Anyway, here's ZBT