This Game Being Played By Brazilian Girls At The Beach Is The Sport Of The Future

I'm not sure how long we have been running the "Is The Sport Of The Future" gag here at Barstool, but I think we finally have a champion that will never be toppled because I couldn't stop watching them play the entire time. No, that is not a bonk worthy statement simply because there are girls in bikinis hitting a ball (including once with their butt, which was athletic as all hell). It's because it's the truth!

Playing "Keep It Up" is one of those things I'm never sure why we stopped doing as we grew up. Maybe we got too old or found other things we thought were better. But it was always a crowd pleaser that pretty much everyone loved as kids and if it ever made its way back into our lives as adults, we loved it just like we were 5 years old again. Same goes for eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

I hadn't thought about PB&J for decades until I started making them for my kids, so I would sneak a bite, followed by a sandwich, followed by going on a full blown PB&J run like our pal Chaps would occasionally go on for days at a time. That is also the case for playing "Keep It Up". My kids would inevitably play it whenever a balloon was laying around and before you knew it, the entire family turned into Bingo and Bluey during a game of Keepy Uppy (which is what I imagine they call Keep It Up down under).

Even my coworkers got into the action for some delightful content.

Anyway, the All Madden version of Keep It Up in the TikTok above is apparently called Altinha and there are a bunch of videos of people playing it at the beach.

Blogger's Note: It's really hard to watch those videos and not think of myself as the biggest sucker in the world paying a ton of money to live in a place that is not only cold half the year but doesn't have a game of Altinha taking place for thousands of miles.