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Jackson Mahomes Arrives in Las Vegas With a Video Flaunting His Wealth, and the Internet is Having None of It

I get that, even in 2023, not everyone is comfortable with social media. Use or don't. Love it or hate it. Get your news and information from Twitter, or stick with traditional media. Be one of those people in my text chains that's constantly sending the rest of us TikTok videos, or regard it as a Chinese spyware plot. See Instagram as a platform for content creators to express their creativity, or use it to see softcore photos of hot actresses. The choices are yours.

But however else you regard these media, you must concede that few artists have used them to achieve notoriety the way Jackson Mahomes has. Note I didn't say "fame." Though he no doubt has millions of followers who are only vaguely aware he has a brother that plays tackle football. And for sure I didn't say "popularity." Because he is one of the most universally unpopular social media "stars" in the English speaking world, thanks to horseshit stunts like this:

And to a lesser extent, this:

But whoever said a platform designed for pretty girls to dance and lip sync in four-second increments for the attention of strangers was a place to make friends did not have Jackson Mahomes in mind. 

On the contrary. He to me is one of those people who is fascinating precisely because he seems to want to not be liked. He certainly goes way out of his way to post content he knows will get a bad reaction. Humans are social animals, but he's one of those who comes off as totally anti-social. The internet is an arena where some want to be on stage, some want to be in the seats cheering them, and there are the rare few like him who want to be the wrestling heel, strutting to a chorus of boos and a deluge of empty cups raining down on him. 

I mean, how else do you explain him kicking off his brother's Super Bowl Week in Las Vegas with this? 

You don't post something with this level of pure, uncut, crystal blue douchebaggery if you want to make people like you. This isn't accidental. It took time and effort. Maybe even careful planning. It had to be intentionally designed for one purpose: To make as many people as possible hate his stinking, foul, wretched guts in the maximum way possible. 

And if that was the goal, I think we can call this one Mission: Accomplished. Here's a representative sample of the comments it's getting:

  • Look how I spend my brothers money like I earned it!
  • Does he have a skill? Ive never seen or heard of him doing anything productive on his own.
  • It’s not the fact that he has this lifestyle. It’s the fact that he flaunts it as if HE worked for it.
  • What do you do for a living?
  • if "riding the coat tails" was a person
  • You are not the star
  • Should do it in silence. Doesn’t need to be flaunting things that he had no part in. Not cool.
  • We get it, you have your brothers money

It goes on and on like that, with the occasional counter argument about "living his best" life directed at the haters sprinkled in. But statistically speaking, the visceral reaction against him is unanimous. 

And I share it. At least I did up until now. I've kind of gone so far into despising him that I've gone over the International Hate Line, and now I'm closer to actually respecting him. This guy is such an unrepentant prick, there's almost something admirable about it. His commitment to the bit is just so total, his embrace of his own infamy is so complete, I find myself liking him. Or at least this Jackson Mahomes character he's created. 

But if you're one of the ones who refuses to let go of you're hatred? Number one, I understand where you're still coming from. Number two, this is going to help you hold onto those feelings:

The Wikifeed - Jackson Mahomes is an American sports player, YouTuber, TikToker, Instagrammer, and social media personality. As of 2023, Jackson Mahomes’ net worth is $3 million. He is also very popular for being the younger brother of Patrick Lavon Mahomes II who is a known footballer in the United States.

He is one of the popular social media celebrity and a basketball player in America and gained huge recognition and success like his brother at a very young age.

If one of my brothers chose to hop aboard my coattails, ride my unparalleled success and cash in on my universal popularity in a way that makes him out to be an insufferable twat? Have at it. If he can turn that hatred into $3 million just for showing off his mediocre dancing skills? Be about it. It's working for this guy. Who really is living his "best life" by being the absolute, unbashed, fucking worst.

And to think, Super Bowl Week has barely begun. This is going to be a wild ride, I guarantee you that.