I Am Starting To Get The Shakes About Toews And Kane Rumors Heating Up

That clip of me saying Toews and Kane are likely not going anywhere before the deadline was recorded last Wednesday before the All-Star break. I think it is still accurate. I've talked to people in and around the organization as well as people in other organizations. Everyone could be wrong, but as of yesterday the official reply to a Ben Pope tweet quoting Patrick Kane was "I honestly don't think he goes anywhere". 

Having said that...I don't know anything for sure. I talk to people in the game. They've always been honest with me before. I believe they're being honest with me now. I am not going to say who my source is, obviously, but I can tell you that it ain't 19, 88, Davidson, or Brisson. Those would be the only people who know 1000% up to the second of various developments and maybe that list is really just Brisson and Davidson. 

There should be clarity “relatively soon” on whether veteran Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane is prepared to entertain a trade, his agent Pat Brisson told The Athletic on Tuesday.

Kane, who has a full no-move clause, could obviously just stay put for this season if he chooses, deciding his next move this summer when he’s an unrestricted free agent.

But should Kane want Chicago to commence with trade proceedings, Brisson said teams would be given at least seven to 10 days advance word ahead of the March 3 deadline to prepare.

I didn’t mention the “at least” part when I talked about this on TSN’s Insider Trading, but it’s worth pointing out here. The point is that if Kane is willing to go through with this, Brisson doesn’t want to surprise teams at the last minute.

That is the Lebrun quote from the article giving some clarification about the quote in his podcast. Lots of big IFs running around there. Kane could decide that enough is enough and green lights a trade to Dallas (that is the one that makes the most sense to me and always has). Or he could decide that he has plenty of Cups and accolades and it's more important to be here in Chicago with his family. Then he doesn't have to move in a hurry and have his life upside down. 

Everyone brings up the Giroux deal last year, but the obvious difference between the two guys is that Giroux wanted to chase a Stanley Cup and went to the President's Trophy winner to try and do that. Kane doesn't need that Cup run. Maybe he wants it. I am sure he wants it. He's hyper competitive, obviously. The Giroux deal just proves that even if you get everything you want, it doesn't mean that the trade was worth the hassle. 


My gut says that he ends up staying put. I actually still think he will re-sign with Chicago in the summer. Give him a little term and the C on his chest if he wants it. I don't think Toews will be back next year and maybe that incentivizes him to accept a deal now. 

I think if you forced the truth out of Davidson he'd want to strip this thing down to the bolts at the deadline. Toews, Kane, McCabe, Domi, Anthanasiou, equipment, the Hull statue, everyone. He wants to get as many assets as possible for the immediate future. This is a deep draft and the more picks you have the better odds you have of selecting NHL players, but it's also about having ammunition to move up a few spots in the draft at different spots to get the guys that you LOVE. 

If it were up to me...I'd probably try to trade everyone on that list with the exception of Kane. Kane belongs here. He can still help you win. He can help you grow. Get him Bedard. Bring back Debrincat. Bring back Domi. Start laying a foundation to make the playoffs the following season in 2024-25. Try to win big the following year. Go out on a high note in a place that is your home.