We're Going To Need The Chiefs To Get Back To Focusing On The Super Bowl And Stop Trying To Break Up The Giants Coaching Staff

Hey, Andy. Come on pal, we need you to get back to focusing on the Philadelphia Eagles. I know, I know. This is common for a former employer to be a reference for someone. But I don't care for it when it has a direct impact on my team. I would very much like another year of Mike Kafka and Wink Martindale as my coordinators. I don't ask for much, but just a couple years together would be great. 

Don't need this either: 

We don't need all these positive words. Everyone knows what Kafka can do. Just look at this past season when he made Daniel Jones look like a good quarterback despite having JV wide receivers. I know you can't keep coordinators forever, I just ask for none of this talk before the Super Bowl. Our one objective right now is to make sure we don't see the Eagles win again. 

I actually agree with this: 

But again, the Giants have been anything but consistent over the last decade. I just ask for a couple of normal years again. This year was great. Felt like playing with house money. But is it too much to ask for 2 years of it? Perhaps even 3? 

Super Bowl prep, guys. Get back to it.