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Athlete: NFL Legend Jared Allen's Curling Team Beat The 2018 Gold Medal Winner, One Step Closer To The Olympics

[Source] - Just one month after being named a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, former Minnesota Vikings edge rusher Jared Allen is chasing another piece of hardware.

Allen and his team took down 2018 Olympic champion John Shuster in the opening round of the U.S. Curling Championships Sunday night in Denver. According to NBC Sports, Shuster's team won the last three nationals that they entered, including an 11-0 showing at the 2020 national championships.

I'll leave the curling analysis to All Business Pete, because somehow that's the sport he's into. But, I'm here to say we need one thing to happen. Jared Allen in the Winter Olympics. This man is an American through and through

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I know he's not the 'star' of his team, that would be a former Olympian. But, come on, it's Jared Allen. Get him in the Olympics, make him the flag bearer immediately. It's a no-brainer. Jared Allen is for sure cool as shit. Dude rocked a mullet, wore 69, had a perfect sack celebration and was good at football. That translates to curling somehow, because, sure. 

If Lolo Jones can go from Olympics to The Challenge, we can have an NFL legend go to the Olympics. It just makes sense. We even had KenPom breaking down the chances before the tournament started of the Smith/Allen team winning:

There's obviously a long way to go for Allen to make the Olympics. But America needs him there. Get some juice back in the curling world with a legend. We always say what happens to the US soccer team if our best athletes played? I say we bring that to more obscure sports. What would our ping pong team look like if our best athletes played? What if we got Pete Sampras to play some ping pong? All I know is we should be all-in on Jared Allen, Olympian.