Peyton Manning Gives AFC Warning Notice: "Jacksonville Is Here"

Growing up, I whole heartedly hated Peyton Manning on the field. He was 15-5 against my Jaguars. He was the Tom Brady of the AFC South and everything would have to go your way to even have a chance to stop him. I hated him, but dammit if I didn't respect him. So, to hear him saying such great things about Trevor Lawrence, the future of the Jaguars franchise, has me giddy. Seriously, I may watch this video every day to get me thru the offseason.

As a Duval native, I'm used to hearing people give warnings about Jacksonville, but they aren't usually this positive. I may be getting ahead of myself and having too much faith, but after this last season, seeing the progress of Trevor Lawrence, and hearing this from Peyton, I don't think it's crazy to say that the Jaguars could be serious contenders for the next decade. Since 2000, the Jags only have 5 seasons with winning records and only won the AFC South twice. With Mahomes, Burrow, and Allen, the AFC is going to be a gauntlet, but I believe Trevor can make it thru. 

After years of mediocrity and worse, I'm ready for a team that can consistently be competitive, win the division, and make some playoff runs. If the Jaguars can do that, I would be so happy.

PS: On the field, I hated Peyton, but off the field, I love him. He's an NFL legend, but still finds time to give back.