$500,000 Is NOT Enough Money To Join The LIV Tour According To Klemmer

On the last episode of THE BRACKET, we debated the best things that start with the letter B along with Klemmer, Mush, and the Wonton Don. SOMEHOW, we got on the topic of the LIV tour and Klemmer dropped an unreal one. 

$500,000. FIVE HUNDRED GRAND. Not enough for ole Klemmer to betray his simple brain's sense of "morality" and go play golf with Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson. Call me crazy, but that seems like something a very large portion of average joes would PAY to be a part of. Klemmer went on to say that he wouldn't want to do it both because of the morality AND because he sucks at golf and doesn't want to be made fun of. Look, if you want to pay me $500,000, you can say the most vile things about my stroke game you want. As long as I have enough to buy a 10'x10' Tungsten cube at the end of it all, I'm in. 

You can watch the full ep below or listen HERE