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This Little Fella Protesting The Government For 4 Day School Weeks Is A Hero

Brodie 2024! Brodie 2024! Brodie 2024! I know the 2024 Presidential Election will obviously feature a big race along with many hot button issues and I know you have to be 35 years of age to even run for office...but can we make an exception for Mr. Brodie we see here? If there's one issue we can all agree on here in America, aside from maybe that no 2 ways around it paper straws are a major inconvenience, it's that the school weekend should be 3 days long as opposed to the classic 2 we all grew up and Brodie is still experiencing today.

I mean it makes sense, does it not? There's 7 days a week. Who the hell decided let's go 5-2 instead of 4-3? 4-3 simply seems more balanced and I think we all need more balance in our lives. *I am just going to interject here that I just googled it and it seems that Mr. Henry Ford is the man who started the 5 day 40 hour work week. Never looking at a Ford the same again.* Why couldn't some lazy stoner have invented the Model-T instead? If that was case we'd be enjoying a Friday Jr on this very Tuesday. It would be AWESOME. 

Anyways hopefully the congress (Do they do laws?) see Brodie's plea and get it done. How can you not? That's a convincing plea from our guy Brodie.