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Lids Released Their Top Selling Teams In Each State And The Results Show That Bengals And Steelers Fans Should Be Ashamed While Utah Is Having An Identity Crisis

First of all, what happened to Lids stores? Growing up they were a place you absolutely had to stop in and check out all the new hats that had been released. The excitement of seeing your favorite team's logo in a different color or slightly different variation was awesome. 

Now it's filled with gaudy monstrosities that vaguely resemble the team they are supposed to be representing. And there's just a giant stitching machine in the middle of the store in case you want to get your frat's greek letters monogramed on your pink and green Mariners cap.  

I feel like the hat market has gone the way of porn. There too damn much of it. We're so desensitized that anal play is the baseline to even turn on a video. And hats also apparently have to be booty to get anyone's attention. Call me old but take me back to days when a simple red Yankee cap could make even Fred Durst look cool.

Anyway, I saw Darren Rovell tweet out this Lids graphic earlier and there are some interesting results here to say the least. 

First of all, Bengals fans have to straight up be ashamed of themsleves. How are Browns fans still dominating you when your team was a legit Super Bowl contender in back-to-back years and you have probably the coolest guy in the league at QB? The Browns have the second most unlikable QB (behind only Russ Wilson) and more closely resemble what Cincy fans leave in the toilet after a Skyline Chili run than they do an NFL franchise. 

In Ohio we joke around that Cincy isn't really part of our state and they're actually part of Kentucky. Sometimes the best comedy comes from sad realities, Bengals fans.

Eagles' fans taking the mantle from Steelers' fans in Pennsylvania makes a little more sense, since the birds are in the Super Bowl and have been one of the most fun teams to watch this entire season. But you know damn well this pisses off their Appalachian cousins to the west. Pittsburgh is known for buying tons of ugly ass gear and inappropriately wearing it to places that no one would ever think to wear it.

"Ronnie, you're not really wearing that Steelers jersey to aunt Sue's funeral are you?!"

"She might be dead but you'll have to take this Jack Lambert jersey from my cold dead hands grandma!"

And what the hell is going on in Utah? Raiders gear is flying off the shelf in the beehive state? I feel like one guy accidentally ordered from the wrong Lids across the state line and his three hats and a shirsey was enough to give them the top spot.

I just can't imagine Utah people being Raiders fans. Are they packing up the mini van with their 11 kids, faces painted like some kids bop Kiss cover band, and sitting in the Black Hole against the Chiefs? I lived in Cali and was friends with a bunch of Raiders fans. They're supposed to look like they are out on bond for a felonious assault and not like a cub scout troop getting ready to trick-or-treat.

I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill here but it just doesn't make sense to me.

Also, why the hell are so many people Cowboys fans? I will never understand why you would put yourself through that shit year in and year out. And this is coming from a Browns fan.