Uhhh, Hey JJ: Big Game Week Day 1 Recap From Arizona

Day 1 of Big Game Week in Arizona is in the books. It was a very productive start to the week, which mostly took place at the unbelievable #NAVHouse, and as Mr. Cat said above, it is the best house that Barstool has ever had. Just about every outdoor backyard game you can imagine (and then some) is featured at this awesome crib. 

Pardon My Take secured a pair of interviews yesterday. The first featured recurring guest JJ Watt. One of the best defensive players of all-time and future Hall of Famer met up with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter at the #NAVHouse to discuss his recent retirement, what's next, and more. You'll want to tune into tomorrow's Pardon My Take for the full interview.

Our second interview featured a recurring guest and a guy who has been on the show a decent amount (hint: he is in Arizona for a reason that does not include the Big Game). That interview will probably drop in the next week or two. 

We also participated in a doubles pickleball match featuring Hank and I against Big Cat and PFT. The video of the full match will be released on the Pardon My Take YouTube Channel soon...

We ended the day at the Barstool Scottsdale bar for Barstool Live - what a spot! If you are in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area all week, be sure to stop by and check it out. Today, the focus is all in on preparing for tomorrow's Mini Golf broadcast. We will be LIVE at 3 PM ET on the Barstool Sports YouTube Channel and barstool.tv.