Madison Square Garden Can't Keep Getting Away With This Disrespect To Sopranos Actors

Oh COME ON! For those not from New York I've been going to Rangers and Knicks game my whole life and there's no doubt about it they get happier than Conor McGregor at an Irish Pub whenever they can plaster a celebrity on the screen at the game. I totally get it as it's obviously that's the fun allure of New York City of a who's who at the game. Completely, completely, completely get it, yet recently there's been a revolution with them with Sopranos actors including Michael Imperioli & Steve Schirripa (Chrissy & Bobby, respectfully).

A few weeks ago a photo did pretty well on Barstool Sports' twitter of Mr. Imperioli attending a Knicks game and when he was shown on screen it displayed "Michael Imperioli, Actor 'White Lotus'" which is fair since his season of White Lotus had LITERALLY just come out. 



Hell, he may have even been there promoting it. That's a clean shot, BUT showing Blue Bloods for Steve Shirippa at the Rangers game last night? I'm fully convinced it's a troll job and a successful troll job at that because it is absolutely working on me as I sit here fuming through this blog so good on them. 

And if you bring up that Schirripa has done 122 episodes of Blue Bloods I hate you. I literally hate you. By my quick research I just learned there's 14 more actors with more Blue Bloods episodes than Steve. 3 are Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, and Tom Selleck...The other 11? Yeah I don't think they're even making the screen if they go to a game so I think we all know it should be saying the Sopranos for Mr. Schirripa. After these writing all these words I've now realized how dumb this whole thing is but that's just Sopranos super fan life. Whatever.