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Patrick Mahomes' Barber Believes His Haircut Will Be The Reason Why The Chiefs Win The Super Bowl

New York Post- He is Mahomes’ barber, and he will be arriving Friday at the team hotel to give haircuts to Mahomes and 21 of his Chiefs teammates.

When DeJuan Bonds was forced to miss Super Bowl LV, Mahomes lost to Brady and the Bucs.

“When we were in the last one, since we were in COVID, they had set up a barber setup for me at the Arrowhead facility, but I caught COVID, so they couldn’t get haircuts,” Bonds told The Post.

"Pat went to the Super Bowl busted — no haircut. That’s why we lost. ’Cause he didn’t have a haircut.”

Bonds from 2009-19 was the team barber and gave haircuts weekly on Thursdays in a barber room at the Chiefs facility. Former Chiefs fullback Tony Richardson helped get him in the front door.

Weirdly I believe everything this man is saying, a lot of players need routine and every guy knows how getting a haircut not from your barber fucks you up. (Enter my bad hairline joke here). This is a big thing for athletes because I asked a lot of athletes I know (humble brag) and they said if they go to a different barber than their own they don't feel right playing the game. 

This barber is right. Pat Mahomes looked busted out there against the Bucs and he didn't feel good while playing. As our friend Coach Prime says, if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you play good. Well the Chiefs are 1-0 when DeJaun is at the Super Bowl making Patrick Mahomes look good. 

As a guy, you trust your barber more than anything in the world. When you are in his chair, he can do whatever he wants to your head and you are going to tell him you like it. A lot of times you go in with a plan and he just shakes his head then says "I think this will look better" and and you just shake your head because you have no control. Having someone you trust like that disappear before the biggest game of the season must be tough. Which is why I love the Chiefs this week, along with the fact some guy on reddit has chosen the loser in each of the last 15 Super Bowls and he picked the Eagles this year. It's safe to say I couldn't get a good read on this game outside of barber's opinions and random reddit picks.