Wanna Feel Really Old? Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Is Now Engaged

Every day we're reminded how much we've aged and I'm here to deliver today's fucked up version. From the era of Eminem referencing Hailie as this little girl in his songs to now his daughter being a fully grown woman who is engaged. My god are we old. 

So who's the guy? The same dude Hailie has dated for years, Evan McClintock. Other than being the bravest man to ever walk the Earth he's an enterprise growth executive, whatever that means. I'm sure he makes a good living, and if not well I think they're doing just fine with her family. Good news it that he somehow appears to have dad's approval!

McClintock seemingly has the approval of Scott's famous father (whose real name is Marshall Mathers). In an interview on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson in March 2020, Eminem briefly mentioned his daughter's boyfriend.

"No babies," the rapper replied when Tyson asked if Hailie had any children of her own. "Just a boyfriend. She's doing good," he said,adding that "She's made me proud for sure." (source)

Take a second and just imagine that kind of conversation with Eminem. I'm sure it's easier now since he's been dating Hailie for a while now, but how about first breaking into the family and earning Shady's trust? Probably makes Jack Byrnes look like a walk in the park. I see they're making an 8 mile TV show, but how about the journey of this dude getting the OK from pops? The moment Hailie first introduced him as her boyfriend must have been beyond mortifying. This dude has been walking the tightest of tight ropes these years with any mistake potentially unleashing the wrath of Marshall Mathers. Well done for making it this this far, don't screw it up. 

Anyways, congrats to the newly engaged couple!