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Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Had Michael B. Jordan On To Discuss Making and Directing Creed III, Being The World's Sexiest Man, And Life As An A-List Movie Star - It's One Of The Best Interviews I've Heard In A Long Time.

I'm not sure if people that read the blog mostly have been paying attention to what Gillie and Wallo have been doing since signing on at Barstool, but they are landing some of the biggest stars in the world of entertainment and music, and conducting some of the best interviews. Not just at Barstool, but period. 

This weekend they dropped an unbelievable interview they did with Michael B. Jordan. He's of the hottest movie stars in the world, and People's "Sexiest Man Alive",

Jordan is making an appearance in the third installment in the Creed franchise, and his directorial debut. on the film, which drops this Friday.

The interview is a great listen because the three of them shoot the breeze as if they're old friends catching up. They hit it off talking about the Philly connection-

They also discussed the importance of staying true to the original Rocky franchise and storylines, something Jordan didn't neglect when taking the reins on this project.

From all accounts, this movie looks like it's going to be fucking awesome.

Screenrant - A new behind-the-scenes Creed 3 trailer reveals one way the threequel makes sports movie history. The ninth overall installment in the Rocky franchise and the third film in the Creed spinoff series that began in 2015, Creed 3 is a historic movie in many ways, as it is the first film in the long-running boxing franchise not to feature Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, though the actor still serves as a producer. In addition to reprising his role as Adonis, Jordan is also making his directorial debut on Creed 3.

Now, a new behind-the-scenes Creed 3 trailer released by MGM reveals another way the threequel makes movie history. Featuring various clips of Jordan directing behind the scenes while discussing what makes the movie so special, the video reveals that Creed 3 is the first sports film in history to be shot on IMAX cameras.

I fucking love the Creed series, the Rocky series, and pretty much anything with Sylvester Stallone appearing in it or having a hand in it - including "The Expendables" and the very underrated "The Contender" from back in the day.

I have fucking loved Michael B. Jordan since he played Wallace in one of my favorite shows ever, The Wire. I think he's an outstanding actor, and he seems like a really good guy in real life. Not some typical Hollywood scumbag but somebody kids can actually look up to.

I mean how can you not like a guy who calls out haters from back in the day who suddenly wanna come kiss your ass now that you've made it? Like he did on the red carpet at the SAG awards this weekend.

And a guy who goes out of his way to help his community and the less fortunate like he does.

But back to his movies. I love the Rocky movies so much that I went and saw the first Creed on opening night, the first showing they had in Chicago.

Based on how shockingly great the first one was, I bought tickets in advance for the sequel and went to opening night again. Sadly it was pretty disappointing. It wasn't terrible but it was nowhere near as good as the first one. I say it was shockingly not as good because with Ryan Coogler added to the mix to direct it, you'd have thought it would have been incredible.

The storyline was wonky, the fight scenes weren't shot as well, and it just didn't pack the excitement or the "movie magic" that the first one did. 

Seeing that first "Creed" in the theatre was an experience. 

People were up out of their seats going nuts when Adonis finally landed that first knockdown. 

The cinematography was done so well, and so realistically. that the fight scenes resembled a boxing documentary more than a fictional movie. 

The soundtrack/score was so perfect that there were multiple times throughout the film where goosebumps kicked in and you found yourself holding your breathe. (Again, see below). 

With the release of this third trailer, it looks like we might be back in that same territory again. And I'm pumped.

Michael B. Jordan is the man. He's such a great actor and this role for him feels like he was born to play it. Couldn't have dreamt of better casting. 

One of my favorite parts of the interview he did with the Million Dollaz guys was when he was talking about motivation and his drive and focus on his craft.

As a huge fan of Jordan, I can honestly say I've never heard him open up the way he did with Wallo and Gillie. They got him talking the amount of dedication, emotion, and compassion he put into this project, going as far as learning ASL so he could communicate with his deaf costars without an interpreter. 

They got him to divulge advice Denzel Washington gave him on directing his first film-

and they got him to comment on what his favorite Rocky movie was - 

And it looks like they finally lined up an opponent for him in this one with a believable storyline of his own (childhood friend, went down with Adonis for a crime and appears to have been the one to take the fall for it and do the time since Adonis was the "golden boy". Gets out of prison, swoll and nasty as fuck, and wants to be repaid for the favor he did, feels fucked over and comes for Adonis' spot). 

Jonathan Majors, who plays the role of Damian looks jacked to the sky in this one. 

I know the plots of the first two have loosely been based on the plots from the original Rocky series, so Damian filling the shoes of a Clubber Lang-type character definitely gets the juices flowing. 

Granted, are all of these movies far-fetched when it comes to the timelines and years and years of fights it takes to get to the point you can challenge a titleholder? Obviously. But ignoring that, they've been pretty good otherwise. And Rocky was never factual to begin with, so we've known what we're getting since day 1.

Speaking of Rocky, the news that Stallone won't appear in this one, and will only be producing it, sucks. He's been awesome in his limited roles in these so far. 

Between Tulsa King (which I loved) and his job in these Creed movies he has been killing it in his old age. Some of his best acting since Rambo: First Blood if you ask me. 

Creed 3 hits theatres on March 3rd. 

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You can check out the full interview here -

p.s. -  can't do a blog mentioning Rocky and not include this.