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Don't Leave Your Girl Or Your All-Time Career Professional Hockey Goals Record Near Jaromir Jagr

Because he's going to smash either of them. 

Jaromir Jagr turns 51 in just over a week. Not only is he still playing for the team he owns the Czech league, but he's still scoring some big time goals. A little wraparound here to give Kladno a 4-3 lead in the game. It was his 3rd goal of the year, and the 1099th goal in Jaromir Jagr's professional hockey career. 

Now I'll be honest...I'm not entirely sure how folks have managed to get the 1,099 number on Jagr's career. He scored 766 goals in his NHL career. Had 82 goals in Russia. About a hundred or so goals throughout all the different Czech leagues. He played a few games in a few random leagues throughout lockouts and shit like that. It's a shit ton of goals but it doesn't really add up to me. But apparently they're also counting playoff goals and international goals as well. In that case we're adding another 78 Stanley Cup Playoff goals, 55 international goals, and another 30 or so goals between the playoffs in other leagues. So add all that together and nobody in the history of hockey has scored more times than Jaromir Jagr. 

For the record, Wayne's 1098 career goals came from 894 NHL regular season goals, 122 Stanley Cup Playoff, 46 WHA regular season goals, 10 WHA playoffs, 6 World Championship goals, 3 World Cup goals, and 17 Canada Cup goals. Granted, he did all of that in just a combined 1837 games. Which is only a hundred more games than Jagr played in his regular season NHL career. But that's not the point. Jaromir Jagr is still out here doing the dang thing at damn near 51. If Wayne wanted to hold onto the record for longer, I'm sure he could still find a 2nd tier league out there somewhere to put up a quick 50 goals in 40 games. But he hung up the skates good, and Jagr is still out here stuffing nets and clapping cheeks. The man is a legend, and he's now officially the greatest goal scorer in professional hockey history.