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Such A Shame: Man City Has Been Charged With Over 100 Financial Breaches, Could Be Kicked Out Of The Premier League (LOL)

Some major news here from the Premier League. Man City is being charged with over 100 financial breaches over the course of 9 years. It's important to note it's just a charge, they aren't guilty. Now why did I put LOL in the headline? Because there's no shot in hell that the Premier League kicks Man City out. It's a business. I always laugh - no matter the sport - when there are possible consequences like this. Yeah, let's go ahead and send Man City down to the Championship level and see how that goes. 

Here are the charges: 

[Source] - The unprecedented Premier League investigation, which started in December 2018, was prompted by the publishing of leaked documents by German website Der Spiegel - with the investigation focusing on three specific areas.

Premier League legal chiefs believe City hid the true source of their revenues by claiming they were from sponsors when in fact they were funded by the club’s Abu Dhabi owners.

In another section of the charge, City are said to have not given full details of player wages.

And perhaps most seriously, City are said to have failed to give full information to Prem legal investigators over FOUR years since the probe began in December 2018.

Kind of respect Man City's not give a fuck attitude. I still find it bullshit they have KDB and Haaland on the same roster. There's gotta be some cheating there somehow. I don't know exactly how, but I don't care for it. The two of them are too good. 

Also stripping them of previous titles? What is this? The NCAA? Come on. We all saw all the matches. We saw what happened. You can't strip them of other titles and have another club try to claim it. It's bullshit. I don't care about the cheating, we saw what happened on the field. Just let them keep the banners. It's only fair that Louisville lost their banner in my unbiased opinion. For everyone else? Stop trying to pretend games didn't happen. 

As for this season? If there's a points deduction here's where Man City stands:

Pretty important! I'd immediately have to put an asterisk on an Arsenal title, which would be a true shame. In fact I think the season should just be null and void if that happens. Either way, this is a major story in European soccer and it's just hilarious to even think they'd kick Man City out of the Premier League.