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The Gator, The PBJ Whiskey, The Redneck Mimosa and More: Ranking The Best Drinking Concoctions You Never Knew You Always Needed

1. Diet Cokeagne

2. The Gator

3. The BroMosa 

4. The Redneck Mimosa 

5. The Nancy

6. Red Wine & Diet Coke (needs a name) 

7. The PBJ Whiskey 

8. The Bloody Beach 

9. Pepsisecco 

To recap: 

1. Diet Cokeagne : Diet Coke mixed with Champagne. Serve chilled 

2. The Gator : 20% Lemon Lime Gatorade and 80% Modelo

3. The BroMosa : Miller Lite (any beer), Vodka or Tequila, and Orange Juice. Serve Chilled 

4. Redneck Mimosa : 50% Miller Lite High Life and 50% Champagne. Serve Chilled

5. The Nancy : 80% Coors Light and 20% Pineapple Juice. Serve Chilled 

6. Red Wine and Diet Coke : 80% Red Wine and 20% Diet Coke : Serve Chilled (I think)

7. PBJ Whiskey : Peanut Butter Whiskey, chase with Cranberry Juice. 

8. The Bloody Beach : Any Beer with Bloody Merry Mix. (Apparently better with horse radish) 

9. Pepsisecco : Don't bother

Tom Hanks, you're a genius. But we will keep trying. 

Thats all for now because honestly its hard to focus with this article out:

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